I’ve begun to stream my 3D prints

Hey everyone, just like the title says I’ve started to stream my 3D prints and have started to ship some of the finished and paid for ones out. So far they seem to work well.
You can find my printing at mixer.com/dragons_advent

I’m having a few issues with the printer I have now which is the Anycubic i3 Mega, its a bowden tube style printer that is a copy of another printer. This printer has had nothing but issues with it since I’ve had it and have redone the settings countless times. They refuse to keep or work right with the filaments I use. Even today the printer parts themselves have begun to fail and I’ve only had it for three or four months. I’m looking into another copy printer but the CTC printer is cheaper, but better then the anycubic.

This is being a pain in the ass with having to get it work work constantly as I work with one that requires no editing. Oh well sorry for the rant but here is the work so far.